Ace of Spades : A tribute to Lemmy....plus guests
Fri November 17, 2017 7:30 pm
Zanzibar Club
Ages 18 and Up

Ace of Spades is the project of Alan Boomer Davies, Hawkwind bassisit for 20 years, in his words.........'I am doing one last tour to honor my friend and mentor Lemmy with my fun band 'ACE OF SPADES' covering the best ofMotorhead's Eddie Clarke era.

I'm only going to do this one time.! We are not a tribute, this is personal.!

I lost a great friend who taught me all about his Bass style and the secret to his sound.!

I owe him and Motorheadfans this tour.!

'Ace of Spades' are the original, the best and the only band to be given Lemmy's personal endorsement and blessings to play his songs way back in 1999 and I am very proud to be the only bassist he ever credited as a fellow'Bass Assassin' on the Motorhead'sOrgasmatronalbum.!

Joining me will be 2 great professional musicians.......

On drums:'Magpie' who has played with Wurzel, Ex-Iron Maiden and Lionheart guitarist Dennis Stratton and ex- Gillan/Ozzy guitarist Bernie Torm’e. He was also asked to replace Animal Taylor and recorded 4 demo tracks for the‘March or Die’ album.

On Guitar:'Neil Archer' who has played withChicken Shack and Robert Plant. '

Music Genres: 

Metal, Rock