Wizards of Twiddly at 30 feat Rodney Slater's Parrots
Fri December 14, 2018 7:30 pm (Doors: 7:30 pm )
Zanzibar Club
Ages 18 and Up

Back through the misty mists of time in 1988, before the twin hydra of social media and Simon Cowell had destroyed the nation, a gestalt of musical energies were coalescing in the bedsits and bars of south Liverpool. Each man made self carving their own niche within the musical colossus they were creating. In 7/8. Tonight, to mark the 30 year anniversary of that initial meeting, and still being carried on their own independent legs, they are back together for one night only, to blast away the cobwebs of this horrible beige age and draw the colour back out of the walls. Never was our need for them more exigent.


Ladies and Gentlemen. Wizards of Twiddly.