Silent K, DSM IV
Sat August 18, 2018 7:30 pm (Doors: 7:30 pm )
Zanzibar Club
Ages 18 and Up

SILENT-K : Intergalactic safari punk pop from Knowsley. Featuring: Chris Taylor AKA Pineapple King, Dave McCabe, Chris Kearney, Neil Bradley & Adam Goldberg. 



THE DSM IV is the new sound brought to you by frontman extraordinaire, Guy McKnight, riffology by JJ, drum machinist, Pavarotti and the bass man, Grimm. Their alchemically balanced genre brew sticks are guaranteed to recharge your crystals and get even the most flaccid man, in the mood. They're in the dream of the Vision queen, they got the Chewns, they make you wanna look, so catch em while they're still playing intimate, fragrant venues. "You go to a show to transcend the world as you know it and experience new freedoms. That's what THE DSM IV bring! Trust in them, go with them. Believe. A band with this much good will can do you no harm. Wise are they who share in The Dance. - Marcus Aurelius, Medications